Direct Mail

Successful mailing starts with with proper design – and designing for mailing is somewhat different than designing letterhead or posters. The smallest mistake could cost extra postage or long delivery delays. We make sure that won’t happen.  If it’s a mail-merge project, we’ll make sure all the address information fits into the window. First Class or Standard Mail, there’s no need to obtain mailing permits from the Post Office – use ours at no charge.

We can use your mailing list or, if you’re looking to expand your business, get a list for you. (Residential lists, business lists – you’ll be surprised at what’s available.)

Once we receive the address file, we check it for duplicates and correct the addresses to conform to USPS specifications. Then we cross reference your list with the USPS national Change of Address file to make sure your list is up-to-date. Using custom software, we sort the list as fine as it can be done, sometimes sorting right down to the sequence the mail carrier walks. Finally, the names and addresses are ink-jetted onto your mail (we don’t use labels) in that sort sequence, with the USPS cost-saving Intelligent Mail bar codes, placed in special trays and delivered to the Post Office.

The result: your mail is looks more professional, is delivered faster and at less cost than if you tried to do it yourself.