Successful mailing starts with with proper design – and designing for mailing is somewhat different than designing letterhead or posters. The smallest mistake could cost extra postage or long delivery delays. You (we) make sure that won’t happen. If your customer has a self-mailer you’ll attach a wafer seal to give it structure. If it’s a mail-merge project, you’ll make sure all the address information fits into the window. First Class or Standard Mail, there’s no need for your customers to obtain mailing permits from the Post Office – they’ll use yours at no charge.

Your clients may well have their own designers they want to use. And that’s fine, just make sure you get to see the designs before they go to print. You have no idea how many “designers” will leave out important components like the mailing permit.

We can also recommend a couple of designers¬† to you for your clients. These are men and women who are familiar with the specific demands of direct mail and always incorporate space for the necessary elements. We usually recommend that you contact the designers and then have them get in touch with the clients directly, so there’s no need for you to be in the middle of the design sequence.

We can also recommend copy writers. As you get further into direct mail as an advertising medium, you will learn that copy writing is an art and, frankly, most of us aren’t artists.